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Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Policy

When the makers of our constitution conceived the idea of reservation on the basis of caste, there was only one objective – to empower that section of society which had been exploited over many hundreds of years. Members of this section of society had been socially deprived for ages and were economically weak. Thus came the idea of empowerment and it is true that such a policy has been beneficial to many in the Indian population, yet it has not fully served the purpose it was meant to.

The picture today, however, is different. It must be realised that today the socially deprived are those who are economically weak, irrespective of caste identity. Therefore, can caste be a ground for reservation? Should economic condition not take precedence over caste? The government therefore must first review the criteria for new reservations.

The government also shares a responsibility that is long overdue, i.e. to provide equal opportunity for education and social uplift at the grassroots, which can give one and all the same platform for further competition. Reserving seats for the socially deprived in higher education is only a bypass measure to compensate for the government’s failure in performing its primary duty. Such a measure further deepens the divide in our society. Now, are we still conscious enough to allow this division to rule over us?

A new proposal on the basis of the twenty-six year old Mandal Commission report has been made for fresh reservation in 27% seats in higher education for a certain section of the community. This is over and above the existing reservation of 22.5% seats for another section. This adds up to a total of 49.5% reserved seats. Since the bill is not entirely out in black and white, little is known about the definition of “higher education”. Considering that such a definition would also include post-graduate medical courses, the idea of empowerment is utterly defeated because graduation itself empowers the ‘have-nots’ and therefore further empowerment is unwarranted.

Thus, our first resolve is to stand up against the proposed reservations in higher education which are to be on the basis of caste.

Our second resolve (and it is as important as the first) is to request the government to review the basis for reservation which, in our opinion, should be the financial/economic condition of the family and not caste.

Our third resolve is to stress before the government the need for equal educational opportunity at the grassroots.

In this honest effort, please join us in our movement to bring about a reasonable solution to the problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole country is behind u...
Go on and make this a revolution to get rid of this anti-national politicos.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Naivete said...

It was a big failure in the part of the successive Cong. Govts to have let the people live in a ficitious world of reservations and now it can not do away with it, even if it ever wants to. People are very much used to having seperate elite queues to get their supplies instead of asking for more supplies from the Govt., providing all. The worst part of it all being it always turns out be more people end-up (or succeed) in wrong queues and deserving people in both queues don't get their supplies. No1 seems to realize that this is just a temporary solution given by our constitution framers and not for ever. It's practically impossible to enforce an economy based reservation with people can quickly adapt to the short-cuts just like the bogus OBC certificates. Abolishing the entire quota system + perks on whichever basis and levels and pursuing towards a straight forward solution to increase the supplies by strenghning the basic education system at grass roots is the need of the hour. Who'll ever do this? Some1 pls do this and in the mean time I'll remain a non-resident.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole country? Hahhaha

12:46 AM  
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