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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Quota protesters attempt self immolation


New Delhi/ Bhubaneswar: A man tried to set himself on fire during a rally organised by medical students and doctors against the government's reservation policy in Delhi on Saturday evening.

Rishi, 23, from East Delhi was immediately rushed to Lok Nayak Jaiprakash hospital after he tried to set himself afire at the Ramlila grounds. No immediate details about him were known.

Rishi received burn injuries on the hand and the chest and was admitted to Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narain Hospital.

When asked which college he belonged to, Rishi said, "I am not a student. I am working."

A self-immolation attempt was reported from Cuttack, Orissa, but police are still investigating whether it was related to the reservation controversy.

Surendra Mohanty, a Doctor, Post Graduate student of SCB Medical College, is in the ICU after he tried to set himself on fire.

Mohanty's friends claim he was protesting against the Government’s policy but police said there could be a personal reason behind the incident.



Blogger Maharashtra Medicos said...

Good work boys..All the best!

9:41 PM  
Blogger Maharashtra Medicos said...

Good work boys..All the best!

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to worry about these anti people culbrits death.

There my people in rural(farmers) are dying in thousands.

Any of this bullshit guys ever worried about or organized any protest for that?

Because you are facists

10:57 PM  
Blogger அசுரன் said...

Again Reservation!

I request everybody to read this mail from a comman perspective. And request everybody to shun away their caste Identity. Still vast majority of people are toiling in villages suffering two pronged devils 1) Caste oppression and 2) Economic depression. And lower caste people(poor and slum) in urban area also still suffering social discrimination in either way(economic and/or Caste). Given this context inorder to give even opportunity to everybody, reservation is the only option available in this system. The other option could be to demolish the system.

Some arguments and Counter arguments:

#1) One of the prime argument by the Social oppressors is "Fair Competition"

This argument is primarily the argument of Neo Globalisation Middle class who benifitted from the sufferrings of Amrican Employees. This Argument is valid against Upper caste, as in IT field they are representing more than 60%.

What is fair competition?

Is that the one we compete with American employees? Will any one us can survive if we have to have a fair competition with american counter part who lost job because of Outsourcing? If those upper caste elites are sooooooo honest and dedicated to fair competition then apply it to themself when they compete with USA employees. Atleast Do they have the courage to accept that not becasue of talent but becasue of Cheap labour that made the USA counter part loose the Fair competition with India and other countries? Those people shouldn't talk about Fair competition with this great immorality with in them.

#2) The other argument is Economically good - other caste people are enjoying Reservation. This argument has its base on the ignorance of the truth that Reservation are not based on Caste but based on population. Reservation not based on Caste, Based on population:

Reservation are given not based on caste. It is introduced to even the uneven sharing of lucurative, influential jobs by various social groups. The percentage of upper caste in total population is around 5%(tamil nadu statistics). Where as they occupy the whole lot of positions in All good-coloured collar jobs(white etc).

The reservation is the same as reservation for Afro-American' in USA(all the companies- regarless of private or public). Unfortunately(Fortunate for some section) the social groups in India are Caste groups too.

The existing reservation is implimented paritaly. Till most of the Good-colored collar jobs are in the hands of uppercaste. However there is no attempt from government to even the uneven sharing of jobs in Bad-colored collar jobs(Lavatory cleaning etc).

While the upper caste person can become a temple archagar for a lower caste God. Govt, Supreme court, and other judicial bodies are banning a lower caste person become a archagar for an upper caste temple. is that a fair competition?

My opinion from the available statistics and from what I perceive everday is that the reservation should be more than 90% for other than upper caste social groups. And it should be compensatory reservation system.

That is for example if the reservation for a particular caste group is not filled in the bad-colored collar jobs then the reservation for the particular group should be reduced in good-colored collar jobs. (If it hurts somebody then they have to understand that the cricket mail hurts the oppressed people....Sarcastical approach is not a sole property belongs upper caste).

#3) There are people who say increase allocation to education instead of reservation which would help the socialy discriminated castes:

These people never ever lend their Voice for the solution they say. Till now, those social oppressors are struggling just to anihilate reservation. For those people: If their concern about India is Genuine, then they have to first join the struggle for Education&Employment to everybody. If it is implimented then they have the justification to struggle against reservation.

#4) Quality and Merit:

Latest cut-off marks for BCs and SC/STs in Tamil nadu professional -Entrance Exams for MBBS admission - Analyst, Jayaprakash Gandhi of Salem, notes that last year the cut off scores for MBBS entrance in the government colleges were (including the TNPCEE scores) - OC-295.74; BC -294.26; MBC-292.13; SC-287.56; and ST-274.00. Is the score 287.56 out of 300 is poor score and the SC people are idiots?
And there is no untoward incidents in India in any field that happened particularly due to poor quality Lower caste person.

Indeed there are majority of ugly incidents involving only upper caste people, starting from India' first Centeral minister sacked for corruption T.Krishnamachary to Stock exchange scam Harshadh Medha. And we have examples where low caste people went to villages to serve their people.

Let's see the below statistics which contradict the share of various social groups in population:

IPS Total => 3300, Upper caste(Brahmin) ==> 2376 ----- 72%

Ministry of Defence(Class I) Total==> 1397, Upper caste(Brahmin) ==> 1332----96%

Ministry of Defence(Class II) Total==> 7752, Upper caste(Brahmin) ==> 6762----87%

Ministry of Defence(Class III) Total==> 2127, Upper caste(Brahmin) ==> 1332----62%

And this is because of the fact that still vast majority of people are toiling in villages suffering two pronged devils 1) Caste oppression and 2) Economic depression. And lower caste people(poor and slum) in urban area(especially- Mid towns) also still uffering social discrimination in either way(economic and/or Caste).

Given this context inorder to give even opportunity to everybody, reservation is the only option available in this system. Inorder to distribute the available resources evenly, the other option could be 'Demolish this system - Revolution'.

Which one will You Choose?

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is going into an all new dimension. what's the point in self-immolating? ridiculous! protesting is one thing, but taking this extreme a measure involves too much pain for people directly involved - parents, friends, relatives! Its time people start strategising instead of self-immolating

11:24 AM  
Blogger HEALTH AT YOUR DOOR said...

Dear friends,

i agree to all of you in entieity. I am an Ayurvedic doctor and sincerely believe that whatever the practice of reservation, does is all that make the obnes it is for more helpless and needy.

i do oppose the policy and i oppose it in entierity.

please let em know if i can be of some help - drnitinchaube@gmail.com.

hope to find level headed friends here, and work for a better tomorrow for each one of us.

nitin chaube

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bonapert kind of guys are totally mis-guided and mis-informed of current India in this 6 decades. They need better basic education without any privileges of guaranteed jobs.

It's a fact that all these reservation concept has failed miserably all these decades with only very few getting benefitted repeatedly generation after generations and we still have millions of economically deprived people who doesn't even know what's this all about and how it can benefit them. Even if they get familiar, they gotto meet the minimum criterions required by the institutions, even which they cannot get thru. How long more years we gonna wait for these guys to get to a position to avail the free-perks compromising our HR qualities, bashing the talented (though in poverty), dividing ourselves by castes and overriding our constitution.

This selfish Congi kingdom had polluted the country by all means in all sections in this 6 decades. Innocent majority people are made into belief that reserving the already minimum supplies for the majority by kicking out the deserving minorities is the right solution, instead of actually increasing the supplies or making all of us self-reliable and self-deserving, or making an effort to start from the scratch to improve the overall economics of such down-troddens. The level-playing field it has created all these years is in such a low level, which even BJP is forced to play on.

When will they ever realize that all these developments the country has made so far were mostly by the hard works of these self-deserving few people, no matter of which quota they are from. We already are making only a gradual progress much below our capabilities and We sure will not be able to make the progress as fast as we COULD, after this quota regime. We are deliberately building a Nation of 3rd quality man power when we have the capability to compete with the whole world, just for the sake of Congress retaining the power.

It was a big failure in the part of the successive Cong. Govts to have let the people live in a fictious world of reservations and now it can not do away with it, even if it ever wants to. People are very much used to having seperate elite queues to get their supplies instead of asking for more supplies from the Govt., providing all. The worst part of it all being it always turns out be more people end-up (or succeed) in wrong queues and deserving people in both queues don't get their supplies. No1 seems to realize that this is just a temporary solution given by our constitution framers and not for ever. It's practically impossible to enforce an economy based reservation with people can quickly adapt to the short-cuts just like the bogus OBC certificates. Abolishing the entire quota system + perks on whichever basis and levels and pursuing towards a straight forward solution to increase the supplies by strenghning the basic education system at grass roots is the need of the hour. Who'll ever do this?

Let's make this a second struggle for independence to get rid of this psychic anti-National politicos. Let's build a nation giving equal importance to all it's citizens and putting the country squarely on the development path.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

5:02 PM  

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