A forum of equals to oppose the proposed changes in the reservation policy by the Govt of India.

* Read more on this issue. Unless you are well informed, you cannot convince others
* Talk to people and explain our cause to them
* Mobilize people within your college/ company/ neighbourhood to help create a wider base

Write in to us with your queries, ideas and contact details to

Contact Persons: Vivek 9840316677, Nandini 9841155586, Anusha 9840825089


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wallajah Road Protests near the Government Guest House on 25.05.2006

Today's protest was attended by over 200 people, Considering Engineering colleges were having semester exams and that it was raining from 2-4 It was a pretty good show.
Representatives from the following colleges attended the protest apart from some Professors, Parents and Software professionals (The list is not extensive though...)
  • Alpha College of Arts and Science
  • Ambedkar Law College
  • Anna University
  • Chengelpet Medical College
  • Ethiraj College
  • Hindustan Engineering College
  • IIT, Chennai
  • JIPMER, Pondicherry
  • KC College of Engineering
  • Kilpauk Medical College
  • Law College, Kolkatta
  • Loyola College
  • Madras Medical College
  • Madurai Medical College
  • Meenakshi college for Women
  • Meenakshi Dental College
  • Meenakshi Engineering College
  • MOP Vaishnav College
  • National Law School of Excellence
  • PSG Medical College, Coimbatore
  • PSG Tech, Coimbatore
  • Saveetha Dental College
  • Stanley Medical College
  • Stella Maris College
  • Sri Ramachanda Medical College
  • SRM Engineering College
  • SSN Engineering College
  • Venkateshwara College of Engineering
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • National Public School, Gopalapuram
  • Holy Angels, T.Nagar


Blogger nee said...

guys i came from ramachandra medical clge!!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gays....You can come but you can go nowhere...


This time Reservation is supported by World Bank....

Your favourite lovely uncle WB is acting against you.....Hahhahahahahh

12:34 AM  
Blogger Vivek Agrawal said...

Anonymous.. Thanks for ur views... But..

But it is not fight of 1 group.. it is fight of v people against government's vote bank politics.. Please donot message hurting views to anyone.. if u have a different opinion u r welcome to have a debate.. if u want to have a non vulgar and meaningful debate call me at 9840316677.. u r my friend.. Any difference of opinion could b made senseful wid proper debate on issue.. Try to understand the aim behind bringing quota.. they are trying to wash off hands with reservation... where-in they need to provide proper primary education facilities for needies.. let them give classrooms of world class standards with A/C and world class tutors.. they will not do that because then they can't fill their bank accounts..

Youth for Equality represents all Indian Youths.. Not any particular so created section by government..

YFE Supporters.. our friend Anonymous is ignorant.. v r duty bound to enlighten him on facts rather than back-firing wid words on him.. so i request one and all not to say anything against him.. And hope after hearing facts he will be a supporter of this noble cause too..

"Jai Hind"

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please also join

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when's the next?

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is totally unfair that our Govt is no more democratic,it has become autocractic.No politician has empathy towards we people giving voice against reservation.They 've to understand that our fight is for a noble,selfless cause aiming at the the long term progress of our great nation.

11:14 AM  
Blogger jack said...

Despite our protest government brought the bill for reservation, why because our protest in not having complete support from the masses.
I think we should start
"Non-Violent Non Co-operation Movement"
I have following ideas for it.
1.Avoid use of all kind of Public Transport- We have to convince people not to use any public transport such as buses, trains. People who are going for summer vacation/holiday should be requested to cancel there journey. All office goers should not use any city bus.If they have not vehicle available, then they can ask for help to their friends.If they can not strike like us atleast they can do us this favours.Also people should stay awaya from
2.No-phone day-Please switch of your mobile whole day-no sms,no ring tone down loads-no mms.As we can not ask private telecom operator to shut down their services.Only youth for equality people keep atleast 10 lines for queries. All people should be requested keep their mobile of all days-especially working in govrnment/public secotr.For People working in private comapanies can communicate to their collegues directly, no matter they are working in MNC or some small comapanies, their office won't be bigger than multi storeyed building-especially who are working in software comapnies.They can ask their HR to enable Messenger so they can communicate to team member/TL/PM directly.We can't request them to go on strike as it will send wrong message to world outside.
3. No banking days- We shold ask bank employee for our support.If they cann't go on stike,we shold request people to suspend all their banking related work.
4.No admission anywhere till our demands are accepted- we should request student for not taking admission in any college school.student should also be refrained for appearing any exam.not by force ,but by request and choice only.
5. also there could be No recriutment day.-plz don't attend any walk-in,intervies.
6.We should request all india traders association to go on stike with us.shut down all operation.ya we know they will have loss, but for loss of few days can be gain for coming generations.also if goverment acts on bill they have to pay taxes also, of course 8000 crore rupees politician won't pay from their pockets.people have to bear this tax also.
7. people should switch of light every day for 2 hours in beiginning as part of protest. all india complete black out.
8. Keep continue wearing white shirts as justice and democracy are dead-we want to show our condolence.

How is the idea guys.if you are ready we can start it from monday, after all we haveto publish it in all national newspapers.Till then i am using my brain and hope u will also use it for-what else could be done as a part of Non-Coperation movements.I am sure we can do it provided we are united. we have to iclude people from all spheres.
After all we are answerable for coming generations.

And we have one great reason to care above everything -Our great loving Nation India.
I request you to keep it totaly Non-violent otherwise people will loose faith in us.

Your frnd-


11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ppl please add SSN engineering college to the list as myself & coupla friends turned up..

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Work guys... kudos to all of u...

Let's make this a second struggle for independence to get rid of this psychic anti-National politicos. Let's build a nation giving equal importance to all it's citizens and putting the country squarely on the development path.

Jai Hind.


2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a big failure in the part of the successive Cong. Govts to have let the people live in a ficitious world of reservations and now it can not do away with it, even if it ever wants to. People are very much used to having seperate elite queues to get their supplies instead of asking for more supplies from the Govt., providing all. The worst part of it all being it always turns out be more people end-up (or succeed) in wrong queues and deserving people in both queues don't get their supplies. No1 seems to realize that this is just a temporary solution given by our constitution framers and not for ever. It's practically impossible to enforce an economy based reservation with people can quickly adapt to the short-cuts just like the bogus OBC certificates. Abolishing the entire quota system + perks on whichever basis and levels and pursuing towards a straight forward solution to increase the supplies by strenghning the basic education system at grass roots is the need of the hour.

2:48 PM  
Blogger swatisos said...

thanks dude

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a video coverage of the event.. it would be great if you can upload the video or link it to this blog

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the guys in chennai did a great job ,it takes lots of guts to protest in chennai against reservation ,especially when the pro-reservation lobby is so strong,
guys hats of to you........
why dont you people file a pil in supreme court against the 69% reservation which your state has in educational institutes.....
it is the supreme courts ruling that in no case reservation should exceed 50%..........
supreme court can scrap any law passed by the state........
go ahead with it....
if you require any funds for the same contact our YFE delhi representatives.....

7:10 PM  
Blogger nee said...

there is a case on abt da 69% reservation...i think da lawyer vijayan is fitin it...

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What man u did not call vivekananda eveningcollege boys mylapore??

the full college will support u man.

they all are brahmins they will support u man

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if there is a way protesting students could write to student body organisations all over the country and get them to join you, youll have more man-force. self immolation - hope that doesnt happen again

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awrite.. if there was a protest in a place from chennai thatz full of pro reservation "LEADERS" and die for building vote banks and hence their bank balances.. guys, chennai rox!

good to see school students coming in too.. i am a student of one of those schools.. and i am proud!

well actually, the rallies cant attract too many ppl here.. not all chennaiites are for demonstrations.. shall we go for something like the blackout for 10 minutes or the black band day, etc?
that must be an effective way of expressing.. whaddya ppl say?

1:52 PM  
Blogger Arunan said...

Information is an eye opener.
I am trying to host a web site to address the College/University quota's system. To start with the site basically will have all the universities and its affiliated colleges with offered courses and number of seats. The information can be expanded as we go on. Further, I haven’t found any one site that deals with this quota issue.

I am looking for participation where by the participants can themselves maintain the data by universities/colleges. Can anyone help get me in touch with the protester panel?

2:37 AM  
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