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* Read more on this issue. Unless you are well informed, you cannot convince others
* Talk to people and explain our cause to them
* Mobilize people within your college/ company/ neighbourhood to help create a wider base

Write in to us with your queries, ideas and contact details to

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Supreme Court stays quota law for OBCs

T he Supreme Court on Thursday stayed the law providing for 27 per cent reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in higher education institutions such as the IITs and IIMs for 2007-08.

However, a Bench consisting of Justices Arijit Pasayat and Lokeshwar Singh Panta said the quota for the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes could be implemented.

The court passed the interim order on petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006.

The court rejected the government argument that reservation was not anti-merit; and in the absence of caste data after 1931, there was no alternative to projecting the population proportion of socially and educationally backward classes and OBCs from the next best source — the latest available census of 1931.

Need for survey

Writing the order, Mr. Justice Pasayat said, "There is no dispute and, in fact, it was fairly accepted by Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Gopal Subramaniam that there is need for periodical identification of the backward citizens and for this purpose the need for a survey of the entire population on the basis of an acceptable mechanism. What may have been relevant in 1931 census may have some relevance, but it cannot be the determinative factor. Backwardness has to be based on objective factors whereas inadequacy has to factually exist."

The Bench said, "Though it is submitted that the number of seats available for the general category is not affected, that is really no answer to the broader issue. If there is possibility of increase in seats in the absence of reservation, it could have gone to the general category."

It said: "If the stand of the ASG is accepted that the exercise was not intended to be undertaken immediately and the increase would be staggered over a period of three years, it could not be explained as to why a firm data base could not be evolved first, so that the exercise could be undertaken thereafter. By increasing the number of seats for the purpose of reservation, unequals are treated as equals."

The concept of creamy layer could not prima facie be considered irrelevant, the Bench said: "It has also to be noted that nowhere else in the world do castes, classes or communities queue up for the sake of gaining backward status.

Stark reality

"Nowhere else in the world is there competition to assert backwardness and then to claim we are more backward than you. This truth was recognised as an unhappy and disturbing situation and such situation was noted by this court as a stark reality in Indra Sawhney's case [Mandal case]."

The court said it needed no reiteration that the creamy layer rule was a necessary bargain between the competing ends of caste-based reservation and the principle of secularism. It was part of the constitutional scheme.

On the Government's contention that creamy layer rule would be applicable only to Article 16 (4) (providing reservation in appointment) and not to Article 15 (5) (making special provisions for advancement of educationally and socially backward classes), the Bench said this issue would have to be examined in detail to ascertain whether such a stand was based on any sound foundation.

"It would be desirable to keep in hold the operation of the Act in so far as it relates to Section 6 thereof for the OBCs category only."

"It would be permissible for the Union of India to initiate or continue the process, if any, for determining on a broad-based foundation `OBCs' notwithstanding the pendency of the cases before this court and without prejudice to the issues involved."

The Bench directed listing of the petitions for final hearing in August third week .

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Supreme Court: Reservation policy should not perpetuate backwardness

In a severe indictment of the Centre's quota policy, the Supreme Court on Thursday said, "The policy of reservation cannot and should not be intended to be permanent or perpetuate backwardness."

Staying implementation of the 27 per cent quota for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Central higher education institutions, a Bench consisting of Justices Arijit Pasayat and L.S. Panta said, "In Indra Sawhney's case [Mandal case], it appears that the underlying principles which have been identified are the identification of class, which was held to be affirmative by using castes as a proxy."

The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006 was enacted following the 93rd Constitution Amendment empowering the Union Government and the States to enact laws to provide for reservation to the OBCs.


The petitioners assailed the law contending that identification of backwardness was an imperative requirement and could not be bypassed on any ipse dixit referring to outdated data based on the 1931 census. "The object of advancement of socially and educationally backward classes undisputedly brings in the concept of creamy layer. If the character of an institution of superspeciality of national importance is permitted to be affected in the manner sought to be done, it would be counter-productive and that would affect the quality of education."

The Centre justified the law saying "the reservation policy is a means of integrating the society disintegrated over the centuries by the age-old caste system. The lists of OBCs identified on the basis of social and educational backwardness have been determined."

Rejecting the Centre's argument, the Bench said: "The state was constitutionally empowered to enact affirmative action measures for backward classes. Differentiation or classifications for special preference must not be unduly unfair to the persons left out of the favoured groups."

The Bench said, "Equality of opportunity is not simply a matter of legal equality. Its existence depends not merely on the absence of disabilities but also on the presence of abilities. Where, therefore, there is inequality in fact, legal equality always tends to accentuate it."

"Limited in time"

Quoting a U.S. Supreme Court decision, the judges said, "Race conscious admission policies must be limited in time and that with the efflux of time the use of preferences would no longer be necessary."

The Bench said, "Equality as a fundamental substantive norm is a characteristic feature of many democratic Constitutions. It remains to be examined whether a different form of preferential treatment other than quotas could be employed as at some stage an affirmative action concept can be focussed in this direction also. Though it is submitted that the number of seats available for the general category is not affected, that is really no answer to the broader issue."

Baseless figure

The Bench agreed with the petitioners' contention that the baseless figure of 27 per cent could not be pressed into service for introducing a statute, which had such wide ramifications. Further, they said inclusion in the lists of backward classes could not be mechanic and could not be done without adequate relevant data.

The judges quoted a recent five-judge Constitution Bench verdict which said, "We reiterate that the ceiling limit of 50 per cent, the concept of creamy layer and the compelling reasons, namely, backwardness, inadequacy of representation and overall administrative efficiency are all constitutional requirements, without which the structure of equality of opportunity in Article 16 would collapse. The state will have to see that its reservation provision does not lead to excessiveness so as to breach the ceiling limit of 50 per cent or obliterate the creamy layer or extend the reservation indefinitely."

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YFE hails stay on OBC reservations

The Youth for Equality, a student grouping which spearheaded the anti-quota stir, today welcomed the Supreme Court stay on a central law providing 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in elite educational institutions.

"It is a victory of the people and a victory for the common man against politicians, who had tried to divide the society on the basis of caste," said, Kumar Harsh, president of AIIMS Residents Doctors Association,

He said the Supreme Court stay was the beginning of a process for scrapping of the controversial law that aimed at providing reservation for OBCs in institutions like IITs and IIMs.

"The politicians wanted to create caste-based vote banks. This is definitely a setback to them," Harsh, who is also the spokesperson of the Youth For Equality, said in his reaction to the SC stay.

He also demanded a thorough review of the reservation policy in a scientific manner. "There should a criteria. It could be economic or anything else, but certainly not caste," he added.

The Youth For Equality had gained prominence after its sustained and at times violent protests against caste-based reservations in the middle of last year after the Centre announced its decision to provide reservation for the OBCs.

Ordering a stay on implementation of the central law, the court held that the 1931 census could not be a determinative factor for identifying the OBCs for the purpose of providing reservation to them.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Big Question - WHY ???

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre to explain "why" it should not stay the decision to implement 27 per cent quota in higher educational institutions for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs).

The Apex Court's notice comes as response to a petition filed by the NGO, Youth for Equality, challenging the January 7, 2007 notification of the Centre as being unconstitutional and violative of the fundamental rights of other citizens.

The reservation issue has dominated Indian politics for the past one year. It was in 2005 that the Government amended the Constitution to make way for reservation.

The enabling legislation called Central Universities Act 2007 was passed in the recent Winter Session of Parliament.
The Supreme Court notice is of significance, in the light of its recent observation that all Parliamentary legislations can be reviewed.

However, the notice could also mean that the judiciary and the legislature are headed for another clash.
In 2005, there was a 93rd amendment made to the Constitution that made it possible for the legislature to allow 27 per cent quota in private institutions that were aided by the Government.

Parliamentarians are now saying that the notice shows the basic view of the judiciary against the quota policy.

Nonetheless, what is important is that this is simply a notice - the first step in the proceedings of the judiciary.

Also, the case is being heard by a Division Bench and so this is not a hearing on the amendment, for which a larger Constitutional Bench would be required.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

9th Verdict - LAW RULES

Thursday, 11th January 2007 will go down in the history of independent India as a historic day indeed. It was on this day that the Supreme Court came out with yet another land mark judgment. A nine-judge bench’s unanimous judgment held that laws taking shelter under the IX Schedule of the Constitution of India is subject to judicial review.

The ruling has warmed millions of hearts and has been welcomed by legal luminaries in India.The ninth schedule was Nehru’s brainchild to keep land reform laws outside judicial purview. Nehru, the shrewd politician, probably foresaw that such provisions would be abused. But apparently he was a mute protagonist, hindsight would tell us. Even he could not have foreseen what succeeding generations of politicians would be up to. As has been the wont of this super class of India, this provision was grossly abused over the past six decades. They packed behind the IX Schedule almost 300 laws to escape judicial scrutiny. Sadly, many of these legislations have made a mockery of the citizen’s fundamental rights - to equality and justice against discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth and the equality of opportunity in matters of public employment - guaranteed by the Constitution, and hence needed a protective cover. These legislations were craftily designed to create, sustain and pander to a constituency – a pandering that widened the gulf between the politicians and the spirit of India. In the context of caste-based reservations, these fundamental rights were reduced to non-justiciable piece of text.

It should be noted that of late, much has been made in the media of ”judicial activism”. A dispassionate examination of the arguments presented by the learned counsels during the hearings as well as the verdict in this case or for that matter the verdicts in other cases that have riveted the nation’s attention in the immediate past do not show any “judicial activism”. It is but a fictitious invention of the media and a hyper sensitive political class that have a vested interest in morphing the truth. The verdict in question has, after six long decades, put the judiciary on an equal footing with the legislature and executive. Let there be no doubt that the ultimate protector of the Constitution in a democracy is the judiciary and the Supreme Court of India has staked its claim.

The land mark judgment will open the door to a flood of litigations. Prominent among them would be those seeking to expunge the Tamil Nadu Act of 1994 that provides for 69% reservation, quantum of reservations for other backward castes (OBCs), Delhi (Special Provisions) Act, COFEPOSA and other well known laws. It would be interesting to watch the sheer number of litigations that are likely to come up before the courts. Many laws will not pass muster and are likely to be struck down. However, it would be ingenuous to expect the political class to take this lying down. In any case, the outcome of these litigations will chart a new course in the political history of India.

It will be interesting to see the impact of this ruling on India’s future. It is easy to foresee far reaching consequences in the spheres of reservation, economics and politics. Most welcome impact is that it will put the fear of Courts in the minds of our politicians. That by itself is no mean achievement.

The biggest impact will be seen in reservation related litigations. Whether it is the validity of caste-based reservations, exclusion of creamy layers, reservations in promotional opportunities or for that matter reservations in private sector – all will be reviewed and decided afresh. The verdict is a loud and clear death-knell to the present avatar of reservations!!! This is indeed historic. The author has written earlier against caste-based reservations. For sixty years, in the name of affirmative action, a legal perversity was perpetrated on India’s youth. Over the years, the poorest of poor among the scheduled castes and tribes have been heartlessly denied their full share, as Manmohan Singh would like to call, of the fruits of development. Also, thousands of bright young minds from financially weaker sections were denied professional education or promising careers in public service only because they were born in so called forward castes. The fruits, on the other hand, were funneled to the elite among a group of well organized, obstreperous caste formations that provided patronage to the politicians. Caste-based reservation, in reality, was a subterfuge deployed by this small but influential group to hoard for itself the so called fruits of development at the cost of every other section of society, in particular the poorer sections.

When such injustices and rank discriminations were questioned in the courts of law, the blind lady of justice could provide no redress to the plaintiffs. The principal obstacle was the protection proffered by the IX Schedule. Probably a direct consequence was the flight of human capital from India and a simultaneous but gradual build up of economic deprivation and poverty. The young India that protested Arjun Singh’s reservations last year - I am referring to the hundreds of doctors, engineers and people from every walk of life who took to street protests – stands vindicated. This verdict of the 11th of January 2007 is no small victory for them.

The economic consequences are rather indirect. The immediate consequence is the hope that the litigations that follow will end discrimination in educational and professional opportunities. Logically, opportunities in education and profession for all people will empower the underprivileged families economically. It will slow the flight of talent from India. With or without political patronage, the poor will have a level playing field. It is useful to remind here that over 50% of India is below the age of 35. With most of their productive lives ahead of them, their contributions to nation building will be enormous. The scheduled castes and tribes will receive their share of the fruits of development with out being waylaid by undeserving groups.

The most delectable fall-out is the demise of vote bank politics. It will be extremely difficult to design laws that are meant to divert political largesse to well entrenched voting blocks. Ultimately it may even spell the death of such political vehicles in India. For a pluralistic society like India, this will be a major leap forward. No longer can the likes of Arjun Singh think of creating reservations that are impinging on the rights of others. They have work to hard and come up with new ploys to win elections.

Finally, it will be difficult even for ”progressive judges” to undo the fundamental rights of citizens through grandiloquence and subtle and nuanced judgments that had so far helped reservations rob the future out of hundreds of young Indians.

The Supreme Court of India has, with a stroke of the pen, saved India from 56 years of a perverse legislative provision, but in the process has also opened the flood gates to a very welcome litigious year(s).
January 15, 2007

by Naagesh Padmanaban

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pics from the blood donation camp

Here are pictures taken at the recently held blood donation camp at Nandanam. More than a hundred people attended and we collected over 80 units of blood.
For more pics from the event, click here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blood Donation for Equality - 10 September

Youth for Equality, Nandanam News and Lions Club have organised a Blood Donation camp open to the general public at Kotturpuram. The camp will feature the the ultra-modern mobile blood collection van of the Lions Blood Bank, that is airconditioned, sanitised, and fully equipped to collect blood in a clean, healthy and safe manner.

Date: 10 September, 2006

Place: Corporation play ground, Turnbulls Road, near Kotturpuram bridge

Time: 9AM to 12 noon

The blood you donate will save a life of someone, somewhere, sometime.

If you are a healthy person, in the age group of 18-60 with a minimum weight of 45 kg, you can donate blood every 3 months.

A doctor will examine you before the donation to make sure that you are fit.

Blood donation is absolutely safe. ONLY disposable kits are used to collect blood.

The blood donated will be made up by your body automatically.

Blood donation is a simple procedure and takes only about 15 to 20 minutes. You can get back to routine immediately.

Blood donors are life savers. Do come and be a partner in this life-saving programme. 

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Arjun Singh Down! Down!

Over 300 IITians formed a spontaneous human chain today as Union Minister Arjun Singh left their campus, to protest against the proposed quotas in higher educational institutions.
They carried placards and raised slogans stressing on the importance of merit

The students protested against the presence of Arjun Singh within their campus.

They then held a peaceful demonstration within their stadium against the quotas.

For More Information:
The New Indian Express
Chennaiist.com    Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Vidyajothi

YFE has launched Vidyajyothi its programme for Affirmative Action (AA). This ambitious project aims at reaching out to deserving students from the lower socio-economic strata of society.

Through this project, we will
  1. be working in co-ordination with social workers to teach in schools that have poor infrastructure and lack in adequate number of teachers; we will also arrange for study materials and educational aids for students from such schools
  2. be sponsoring the education of a few deserving students who cannot afford their school education
The major requirement in such projects is not resources or ideas, but people...

So, if YOU think you can help a few children see that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel... if YOU think you can help ignite the sparks in these young, bright minds... if YOU think a few hours a month is not too much to pay for bringing a smile to these little faces....

These children represent the India of tomorrow.
Take this opportunity to shape India's future.

To volunteer, to donate or to obtain more details, contact:

Vivek - vivekkool@yahoo.com - 9840316677
Nandini - raintree_mn@yahoo.com - 9841155586
Pabashi - pabashi@gmail.com - 9840419187

Subscribe to YFE Chennai's Yahoo group to work with us

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A call for better Education - 23.07.2006, Marina Beach

Even kids came...

People from all walks of life...

As Published in the New Indian Express

Around 150 members of the Youth for Equality(Chennai Chapter) along with students, working professionals and senior citizens, formed a human chain urging the government to provide quality primary school education and a caste-free society on the Marina on Sunday.

The human chain, which was a part of a nation-wide protest by the members of the Youth for Equality, was held to create awareness about the state of our educational system and to protest against the inability of the government to provide quality school education.

‘‘Statistics say that nearly 8.1 percent of primary schools in India have no classrooms, while 17.5 percent have only one teacher. Almost 73 percent of the schools do not have clean drinking water, while many others lack even basic infrastructure like electricity. In reality, the situation is worse,’’ said Dr Prahalathan, a member.

Adding that the government had pledged in its Common Minimum Programme to increase public expenditure on education to 6 percent of the GDP, he said, ‘‘the recent years have witnessed a steady decline in the educational spending from four percent of GDP in 2001-2002 to 3.8 percent in 2002-2004 and 3.5 percent in 2004-2005.’’

‘‘A survey of 48 randomly selected villages in Himachal Pradesh in 1996 found that 97 percent of the children aged between 6 and 12 were going to school. And the per capita expenditure on education in Himachal Pradesh is twice as high as the all-India average. The number of teachers per pupils is also twice as high,’’ said Vivek, convener, Youth for Equality.

The group, which is holding demonstrations simultaneously in many States, is also completing its bus yatra from Mumbai to Delhi on Monday. ‘‘This covers all the nine states and we are hoping this will reach more people,’’ Vivek added.

The group is also planning to adopt slums in the city with the help of NGOs to spread education. ‘‘We are trying to work the funding as we want to reach out to the people right below. Every chapter will try and adopt its own method to reach out,’’ said Krishna Rao, another member. (LinkPosted by Picasa

Human Chain to highlight the status of Primary Education & for a casteless society in the counrty

Enthusiastic Demonstration on the Beach Road

We were pushed into the bylanes by the police

But we were not the ones to be deterred...
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Sunday, July 16, 2006



We the citizens of Chenai city are distressed and deeply pained at the recent ongoing developments regarding the proposal of Govermenr of India to extend caste baste reservations to OBC in institutes of higher learning and excellence.

Youth for Equality,chennai has an active wing in Chennai, representing Tamil Nadu, committed to the task of educating public opinion and voicing the concerns of the public about this regressive measure that is being forced into place on the educational system of today.

Join the human chain coming on july 23rd, sunday. Be a part of the human chain. The details are given below.'

Major Event : “Human-Chain and Awareness Campaign on State of Primary Education and Caste Free Society”
Date : 23rd July 2006 (Sunday)
Time : 10 AM to 12 PM
Venue : Marina Beach, Near Light House

Join the “Human-Chain” along with Friends and Families
United we can AND WILL Make a Difference


As a young citizen of India, you too can contribute this growing movement against unfair policy. To learn more about YFE Chennai and to become a member of YFE

Subscribe to chennaiunited@yahoogroups.com to work with us

We would like to clarify that we are not a movement against any particular caste or class. Infact we are all for the upliftment of the economically backward. As a matter of fact, we have members from all classes and castes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006



Here is a reminder that the One Sign, One Coin signature campaign is to reach completion by the 22nd of July . Please mail the filled-in forms to the contacts listed in the previous One Sign, One coin post on this blog. For details regarding extensions of the due date due to unavoidable delays and other queries related to this campaign, please do contact the numbers mentioned.

We trust that the work has ben undertaken to the utmost extent possible. Please do remember: BY CONTRIBUTING TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS CAMPAIGN, U R HELPING BUILD A BETTER INDIA.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Signature Campaign


In the past few weeks, people from different parts of India have been contributing to the movement in innovative ways. One such way is the "1 SIGN 1 COIN, SAVE THE NATION" program, launched by YFE-Delhi University.

The aim of the campaign is to educate people of the devastating implications of the "Reservation move" and in this process collect signatures of 1 crore people in all who side with the cause, and present it to President, PM and the secretariat before the monsoon session of the parliament. The coin is just a symbol of support which may/may not be provided by the signatories. This is also the time Tamil Nadu can show solidarity to the entire nation towards the issue....

What You Can Do:

If you want to act to help in this movement, this is the time to do it. All members who have been dormant for so long, this is the time for u to pitch in.

The signature collection forms in
Hindi / English and general guidance of usage ( must read) are available at this link:


We urge you to interact with people and convince them of the grave implications of Caste-Based Reservation policies and collect the signatures. Reach out to ur colleagues, collegemates, friends, neighbours,parents, family members,shop owners,employees,servants..... anyone. We need the filled in forms back positively before July 22,2006 . The form needs to be submitted in DElhi on 24 July, 2006. So, once you finish your signature drive(never mind even if it has just few signatures), do mail it to y4echennai@gmail.com

SO, ACT ASAP, PPL. Let's get moving...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Moral Victory for Truth

Pathetic Story of Humiliation caused to a Renowned Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, a Padma Bhushan Awardee in 1998 and Medical Fraternity at AIIMS

Anbumani Ramadoss had first humiliated Dr. P. Venugopal by making him wait in corridor of Ministry for hours without even fan and later removed him from AIIMS. Few days back the same minister instructed AIIMS to cut salary of students and now he has removed its Director because he has not helped him in cracking YFE movement in AIIMS.



Dr. P. Venugopal, Director, AIIMS, NewDelhi was dismissed by the Government on Wednesday on ill-framed charges of violating the code of conduct after AIIMS' governing body meeting chaired by Anbumani Ramadoss and wielded a surgical knife to this effect. Prime Minister is silent on this issue, We think its high time he spoke because the issue has caused a lot of Humiliation to the Goverment and bringing out the cracks in the Present Coalition Government. Is this some kind of Banana Republic ???

As the news of the dismissal spread, doctors at the premier medical institute went on a Flash Hunger Strike and shut down all services seeking Dr. P. Venugopal's reinstatement. But still running parallel OPD's and showing their educated and humanitarian Face.

And to such Humanitarian's, How does Government react's? Ill Treatment by police. What a shame to the Government???




This shows us "Power of Judiciary" and "Power of Unity".

All Strikes have been "called off" as the news came in.

This is a moral victory for Youth For Equality against corrupt politics.

Victory March and Procession at AIIMS, New Delhi.

Dr.P.Venugopal has reclaimed the Post of Director of AIIMS, New Delhi.

To Know more about Life and Achievements of "India's Medical Prodigy" Dr.P. Venugopal visit below listed website pages




"Truth Alone Triumphs"

"Youth for Equality" will always be supportive to this "Great Human" and "Pride of India".

For all YFE supporters

Dear YFE Supporters,

YFE Chennai needs you to fight against the mighty central government. As you may be knowing monsoon session of parliament is going to begin on 24th July in which government will bring the bill to introduce quotas in institutes of higher learning. Friends, we must fight against this move. We may win, we may not. But, if we won't fight, history will not absolve us for abdicating our duty. We must fight not for us but for the future of India. For equitable and just India. Join us. Future of India calls you. We seriously think that together we can make a difference. Please provide with the information and your interest to us so that we can keep you in loop or work together to make India a better country.

Email: Where they want to receive YFE Updates:
Phone No.:
Occupation Details: (Please mention college name/ company name)

Time you are willing to spare for publicising and joining activities.
Around 2-3 hours a week
1 day in a week
2 days in a week (Weekend)
I'm committed can give more
I can give logistic support


For Further Information:
Visit our blog : http://yfechennai.blogspot.com/ for to know latest about YFE, Chennai
Visit http://www.youth4equality.org/ for to know latest about the All India Site for YFE
Subscribe to chennaiunited@yahoogroups.com to work with us

We Need funds and volunteers for following plans:

1) A Bus Yatra is being planned from Chennai to Delhi - will go via all the other possible states too. We are planning to distribute pamphlets in various villages and distribute books to various poverty stricken students. We are going to highlight the bad shape of the Government Schools in these villages and emphasis on the need to improve primary education rather than bringing "Reservation - Which is evil to societies growth".

2) Working on membership drive in corporates and colleges, which requires extensive campaigning through Pamphlets, Posters, and other means of awareness campaigns, which in turn needs lot of funds to mobilise things.

3) Human Chain planned in Co-ordination with Power of Youth, visit http://www.powerofyouth.org/, It is event Supported by Youth For Equality, Bharat Uday Mission, In Tamil Nadu this Human Chain will mainly be Coordinated by Youth for Equality, Since Power of Youth doesnt have much representation now. Talks are on for a possible merger of Power of Youth with Youth for Equality as we are a registered organisation and have long term plans, than just 1 single event.

4) Since Supreme Court has stated that till the issue is Sub-Judice there should not be any protest and events, we are waiting for the Supreme Court ruling to come out. Further plans will be decided accordingly by Youth for Equality - National Coordination Committee (Represented by Tamil Nadu also).

5) Since, next target is OBC Quota in Corporates, it is a wider threaten to working community and there is a huge need for corporates to mobilise themselves to fight against the menace of Reservation.

6) Apart from all these activities and events we require lot of funds for brand building and promotional activities like TShirt (with YFE logo), Caps and other Promotional Stuffs. Also funds are required for Day to Day Administrative works.

To Organise all these and many other events in pipeline we need funds and volunteers immediately. All interested in contributing through funds can either contact us directly or coordinate within your work premises and let us know. For all those willing to volunteer (Very Important) for organising and orientation please contact us directly in the below mentioned contact details.

Our Contacts:

Vivek Agrawal

Meenakshi Nandini

Pabashi Poddar

Monday, July 03, 2006

Join the World's largest Human Chain on 15th August, 2006

On August 15, 2006, 27 Lakh Indians will join their hands to form the largest ever Human Chain for 27 minutes against the proposed 27% reservation.

We will not shout slogans, We will not stop working, We will not resort to violence.
Yet, our message will be loud and clear, Affirmative Action is needed, But, NOT Reservations!

We are inspired by the Baltic Way, when 20 lakh people formed a 600KM long human chain to express their solidarity and to grab the world's attention. The 15 minute Human chain in 1989 culminated in the Independence of the three Baltic nations from the Soviet Union!


Let's show the Power of Youth! Let's create History! Let's show the world what we're capable of!

Join us for this Historic event. Register yourself at

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Battle maybe over, but the War is on...

The entire country has become involved in the movement against the proposed move by Government of India to offer caste-based reservations. This movement has spread widely, and has acquired a pan-national character, reflecting wide spread anger and resentment against this move, and protesting subsequent attempts by the government and its minions to suppress this movement.

In this background, with total apathy exhibited by the legislature and the executive, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has rightly intervened in this ongoing agitation, and directed the Government of India to explain the reasons for seeking these reservations. The court has also observed that the strike by doctors should be withdrawn in the interests of patient care. We welcome this pro-active judgment by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, and reconfirming our full faith in the judiciary so the Resident Doctors' Associations have decided to resume duties with immediate effect.

We feel the judiciary has, by this single judgment, reconfirmed our confidence in the judicial process, and reaffirmed their leading position in evolving a national consensus on this issue. The court has also expressed an opinion about setting up an expert commission, which is welcome.

The movement, now a national movement by the Youth for Equality will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Quota protesters attempt self immolation


New Delhi/ Bhubaneswar: A man tried to set himself on fire during a rally organised by medical students and doctors against the government's reservation policy in Delhi on Saturday evening.

Rishi, 23, from East Delhi was immediately rushed to Lok Nayak Jaiprakash hospital after he tried to set himself afire at the Ramlila grounds. No immediate details about him were known.

Rishi received burn injuries on the hand and the chest and was admitted to Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narain Hospital.

When asked which college he belonged to, Rishi said, "I am not a student. I am working."

A self-immolation attempt was reported from Cuttack, Orissa, but police are still investigating whether it was related to the reservation controversy.

Surendra Mohanty, a Doctor, Post Graduate student of SCB Medical College, is in the ICU after he tried to set himself on fire.

Mohanty's friends claim he was protesting against the Government’s policy but police said there could be a personal reason behind the incident.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wallajah Road Protests near the Government Guest House on 25.05.2006

Today's protest was attended by over 200 people, Considering Engineering colleges were having semester exams and that it was raining from 2-4 It was a pretty good show.
Representatives from the following colleges attended the protest apart from some Professors, Parents and Software professionals (The list is not extensive though...)
  • Alpha College of Arts and Science
  • Ambedkar Law College
  • Anna University
  • Chengelpet Medical College
  • Ethiraj College
  • Hindustan Engineering College
  • IIT, Chennai
  • JIPMER, Pondicherry
  • KC College of Engineering
  • Kilpauk Medical College
  • Law College, Kolkatta
  • Loyola College
  • Madras Medical College
  • Madurai Medical College
  • Meenakshi college for Women
  • Meenakshi Dental College
  • Meenakshi Engineering College
  • MOP Vaishnav College
  • National Law School of Excellence
  • PSG Medical College, Coimbatore
  • PSG Tech, Coimbatore
  • Saveetha Dental College
  • Stanley Medical College
  • Stella Maris College
  • Sri Ramachanda Medical College
  • SRM Engineering College
  • SSN Engineering College
  • Venkateshwara College of Engineering
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • National Public School, Gopalapuram
  • Holy Angels, T.Nagar

Wallajah Road Protest 25-05-2006 - The March

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