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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Battle maybe over, but the War is on...

The entire country has become involved in the movement against the proposed move by Government of India to offer caste-based reservations. This movement has spread widely, and has acquired a pan-national character, reflecting wide spread anger and resentment against this move, and protesting subsequent attempts by the government and its minions to suppress this movement.

In this background, with total apathy exhibited by the legislature and the executive, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has rightly intervened in this ongoing agitation, and directed the Government of India to explain the reasons for seeking these reservations. The court has also observed that the strike by doctors should be withdrawn in the interests of patient care. We welcome this pro-active judgment by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, and reconfirming our full faith in the judiciary so the Resident Doctors' Associations have decided to resume duties with immediate effect.

We feel the judiciary has, by this single judgment, reconfirmed our confidence in the judicial process, and reaffirmed their leading position in evolving a national consensus on this issue. The court has also expressed an opinion about setting up an expert commission, which is welcome.

The movement, now a national movement by the Youth for Equality will continue to grow from strength to strength.