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Friday, July 07, 2006

For all YFE supporters

Dear YFE Supporters,

YFE Chennai needs you to fight against the mighty central government. As you may be knowing monsoon session of parliament is going to begin on 24th July in which government will bring the bill to introduce quotas in institutes of higher learning. Friends, we must fight against this move. We may win, we may not. But, if we won't fight, history will not absolve us for abdicating our duty. We must fight not for us but for the future of India. For equitable and just India. Join us. Future of India calls you. We seriously think that together we can make a difference. Please provide with the information and your interest to us so that we can keep you in loop or work together to make India a better country.

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For Further Information:
Visit our blog : http://yfechennai.blogspot.com/ for to know latest about YFE, Chennai
Visit http://www.youth4equality.org/ for to know latest about the All India Site for YFE
Subscribe to chennaiunited@yahoogroups.com to work with us

We Need funds and volunteers for following plans:

1) A Bus Yatra is being planned from Chennai to Delhi - will go via all the other possible states too. We are planning to distribute pamphlets in various villages and distribute books to various poverty stricken students. We are going to highlight the bad shape of the Government Schools in these villages and emphasis on the need to improve primary education rather than bringing "Reservation - Which is evil to societies growth".

2) Working on membership drive in corporates and colleges, which requires extensive campaigning through Pamphlets, Posters, and other means of awareness campaigns, which in turn needs lot of funds to mobilise things.

3) Human Chain planned in Co-ordination with Power of Youth, visit http://www.powerofyouth.org/, It is event Supported by Youth For Equality, Bharat Uday Mission, In Tamil Nadu this Human Chain will mainly be Coordinated by Youth for Equality, Since Power of Youth doesnt have much representation now. Talks are on for a possible merger of Power of Youth with Youth for Equality as we are a registered organisation and have long term plans, than just 1 single event.

4) Since Supreme Court has stated that till the issue is Sub-Judice there should not be any protest and events, we are waiting for the Supreme Court ruling to come out. Further plans will be decided accordingly by Youth for Equality - National Coordination Committee (Represented by Tamil Nadu also).

5) Since, next target is OBC Quota in Corporates, it is a wider threaten to working community and there is a huge need for corporates to mobilise themselves to fight against the menace of Reservation.

6) Apart from all these activities and events we require lot of funds for brand building and promotional activities like TShirt (with YFE logo), Caps and other Promotional Stuffs. Also funds are required for Day to Day Administrative works.

To Organise all these and many other events in pipeline we need funds and volunteers immediately. All interested in contributing through funds can either contact us directly or coordinate within your work premises and let us know. For all those willing to volunteer (Very Important) for organising and orientation please contact us directly in the below mentioned contact details.

Our Contacts:

Vivek Agrawal

Meenakshi Nandini

Pabashi Poddar


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